ATTENTION: Grassroots has elected to dissolve & discontinue business. To effect such a Notice of Dissolution is now filed with the Secretary of State & all business will be wrapped up as quickly as possible. If you need to contact us please use the “Contact” form provided in the navbar above.































































































Gift Safe®

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Grassroots Campaign Creations, Ltd. is a political fundraising company that serves candidates, Super PACs, churches, causes and charities.

Your political action committee fundraising will quickly hit its target using Grassroots’ unique marketing strategies, so click here to Get Started reaching your campaign fundraising goals!

Grassroots specializes in helping candidates’ political fundraising campaigns and Super PACs to manage their websites and grow their mailing lists.

All political fundraising is, in reality, a race against time. Why do we call it a race? Because the sooner you begin to make money online, the more funds you will capture. The more funding you capture, the greater the impact you can make with your target voters. Thus, you should Get Started NOW reaching out to make your political fundraising dreams come true.

Note, however, that we put the same skills to work for others such as church fundraising and grassroots lobbying directed at governmental bodies (such as Congress) and in the corporate world.

NEW: Grassroots Enterprise Message Systems (GEMS), a patent-pending communications powerhouse,  combines email, faxing and physical delivery of documents in one system that provides users with the utmost flexibility, along with speedy delivery and the capability to prove service of any particular document. The faxing module is driven by Faxography®, a proprietary durable document delivery system invented and developed by Charles F. Benninghoff III to help you persuade your target that the objectives you want and they desire are the same. GEMS is only available from Grassroots Campaign Creations, Ltd.  Click HERE to learn how GEMSystem can help meet your organization’s grassroots lobbying efforts to elected officials.

Why Use Grassroots Campaign Creations

Grassroots is a political fundraising company whose technology drives increased donations to your Super PAC and boosts your grassroots lobbying efforts! Even if your first question is, “What is a Super PAC?” we can help! Grassroots provides online political campaign tools to reach your donors with loud, clear and convincing messages. Our services include:

  • With our unique Gift Safe®, Faxography® and PUSH-PUSH tools, your church and political fundraising campaigns can be up and running in just a few minutes!
  • We build online political fundraising campaigns from the roots up
  • We provide donation pages – right on your site – where supporters can contribute using Gift Safe® and you can immediately begin to make money online
  • We deliver millions of FaxGram fax blast persuasive messages through our Faxography® system
  • Our PUSH-PUSH technology puts your donation landing page on your site using remote technology
  • Instant customer service to your donors 8 AM – 9 PM EST via our toll-free support hotline
  • Twice-monthly bank wires of collected funds direct to your account, sooner if necessary
  • All FEC informational reporting requirements for your donation activities are met

Grassroots is among the lowest-cost online political campaign companies delivering world-class performance.

Grassroots Campaign Creations can also help you have a major impact upon legislation, community advocacy, opinion crafting, and interruption of regulatory over-zealousness.

See our Prices & Services page for more about costs. Use our Contact Us page for a free evaluation of your campaign challenges. Click HERE to Get Started achieving your fundraising goals!

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