Church Fundraising

All About Church Fundraising

Raising funds for churches and Synagogues can be difficult even in the best of economic times.  

But with Grassroots’ proven systems, these institutions can raise money online fast and effectively.

By using Grassroots’ systems to fundraise, a Christian church can:

Create multiple online fundraising campaigns, each with a unique landing page
Share your cause with our free web and social marketing tools
Raise charitable donations online via your website, Facebook, Twitter and more
Manage multiple fundraisers, donations and donors

ALL FROM YOUR OWN CHURCH WEBSITE.  Thus, your flock will not have transfer shock after being moved from your site to some donation portal like Pyrix.

With our PUSH PUSH technology being 100% transparent, your donors will never know it is Grassroots doing the heavy lifting.

There are NO initial set-up, monthly, or annual fees, and there is NO commitment or merchant account required. Grassroots only charges a small transaction fee to cover donation processing plus the published cost for our services that you request.  You can read all about our very reasonable costs on our “Prices” page.

How to Make Money Online: CHURCH FUNDRAISING

In simplest terms, fundraising is about setting goals and finding the most efficient ways to meet them. For churches, however, fundraisers offer not only an opportunity to acquire financing for much-needed projects, but also to reach out to surrounding communities and grow a congregation. And because each Christian church is unique in its message and makeup, church fundraising ideas can be specifically tailored to meet the individual needs of each group.

The first thing to figure out is how much money needs to be raised to accomplish the desired goal. Fundraisers can be as simple or elaborate as you make them, and there’s no need to make it any more complex than necessary. If you’re just looking to add a couple of new swing sets to the playground, for example, then there’s no need to organize a big community bike race when a small bake sale will get the job done.

The Second Step

Next, try to pin down the type of people who will be attending your event. If you know who is coming, you will get a more accurate picture of what they will be looking for. Kids, most likely, will be whining to go home if they do not find games and entertainment. Older folks, on the other hand, might prefer a quieter function where they can speak on church matters or catch up with friends. By knowing your audience, you can more efficiently make use of the costs that go into planning your event.

And costs, in particular, should be considered throughout the structuring of your fundraiser. Make the most of your money. Wherever possible, have organizers donate time and services to the event. Avoid prizes that people can get for much cheaper down at the corner store, or whose profit margins are so small that you’d need to sell a warehouse full just to break even. Remember, the people willing to spend money at a church fundraiser are doing so for a greater cause, not because they think they are getting a deal. Do not be wasteful with your money, or theirs.

Importance of Advertising

Finally, do not forget the importance of advertising. Even if you are simply posting fliers on light poles, make sure to use appropriately-worded fliers on the appropriately-placed light poles. Remember who you are wanting to attend. Your congregation already knows the date and time, so focus on areas that will attract new attendees—and, possibly, new church members. In some cases, a fundraiser might be the perfect opportunity to start a church website. Church websites can even be a way to get the younger, more tech-savvy members of the congregation into the event-planning process.

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