Gift Safe®

Gift Safe® & Remote Gift Safe®

Gift Safe® provides political campaign customers of Grassroots Campaign Creations, Ltd. 100% assurance that donations made through either Grassroots, or their own super PAC landing page (using PUSH-PUSH technology), are secure and can be reliably accessed, accounted for and collected through the use of advanced coding techniques that allow capture of all material data.

Grassroots is a political campaign company that is a licensee, one of a very few, permitted to use Gift Safe® through our secure server system on all landing pages.  More information about Gift Safe® can be found on their site.

Gift Safe® technology permits economical and functional tracking, providing, securing, disbursing and accounting for donations, gifts, alms, bequests, contributions or any other form of eleemosynary transfer of property, of any type, monetary or physical, online or by physical delivery – so you can see that with GIFT SAFE® your donation-service needs are fully met.

Gift Safe® technology is currently licensed to Grassroots Campaign Creations, Ltd. for political fundraising online for registered political candidates or PACs using our site’s Landing Pages and, as well, remotely using Remote Gift Safe®.


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