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Making an online campaign so that it is a successful experience – both for you and your donors – requires that many steps be diligently followed whether you are running a Super PAC or a small Christian church or any organization in between!  These steps are explained to you on this page and, as well, throughout the rest of this site.

Elements of Campaign Creation: To start a campaign with Grassroots, the following elements are required.  The following information can also be completely assembled by Grassroots Campaigns if you wish us to do so. 

Please NOTE:  We feature an online process to complete the assembly of the required information available to our clients which is located on your Dashboard after you complete the Get Started process.  Simply click the “Create Draft Campaign” button on your Dashboard and fill in the required fields.

Please call us at 800-362-2723 (+1 949-240-3000 internationally) or +1 949-510-1100 (Cell) to discuss how Grassroots Campaign Creations can bring your campaign to life or use our convenient Contact Us page. You should also contact us if you wish to view any of our landing page examples which are created from our own custom landing page templates.

  • Please provide a short title by which the campaign will be called.
  • Message of any email appeal (this is required even if customer is sending the email so (A) links can be verified and (B) content checked for policy compliance)
  • Images (including your logo and signature) for any email and/or campaign page
  • Thank you message upon successful donation or form completion
  • Landing Page message – this is the guts of it, the APPEAL: “Please send the rotten scoundrels a message sort of thing…”
  • Landing Page images (including your logo and signature).  
  • Pricing programs for Gift Safe® donations or GEMS campaigns
  • For GEMS campaigns, a list of recipients with CSV fields including in this order:

First Name
Last Name
Street Address
Fax Number
Email Address (if known)

(NOTE:  This information is not necessary for Congress unless you wish that delivery be made to a particular committee or caucus, in which case you must provide the member names, the committee name, caucus name and titles as may be the case.)

  • The above information must be sent to us in a CSV format.
  • For GEMS campaigns, if customer wishes Grassroots to send the email appeals, please provide a CSV file of your email list.

Limitations on the Service of Grassroots:   Grassroots makes payments to its customers twice a month by ACH or wire transfer of the proceeds, if any, of each campaign that was active during the time period.  After deduction from the gross proceeds of the above-stated fees and costs, all funds are remitted to you.  Grassroots has no control over what you, the customer, do with the funds sent to you, that being the sole and exclusive function of you, our customer.  All books and records are auditable by any customer upon reasonable request, at customer’s sole expense, saving that personal information of any payor of a different customer shall not be disclosed except as may be required by the FEC or other operation of law.  The following further conditions apply:

1.    As a condition of becoming a customer of Grassroots, each customer agrees that upon request by any donor within 15 days of the making of such donation, the same shall be returned without question or request for explanation.  The customer is solely responsible for such refunds and, upon termination of any relation by customer with Grassroots, Grassroots will retain a fund sufficient in its sole and exclusive discretion to pay possible demands for refunds.  Any amount not refunded shall be returned to customer at the conclusion of 90 days.

2.    Grassroots does not own or independently operate any email list.  If a customer has an email list stored with Grassroots, it is only used at that customer’s direction and completely under his, her, or its control.  Upon termination of any relationship with Grassroots, such list shall be returned to customer in the condition it was last in after the last email campaign.  Customer acknowledges that email lists are dynamic databases subject to additions by subscription and deletions by virtue of bounces (both hard and soft) and unsubscribes.  All that Grassroots will return is the list of customers in the condition it was in at the last use as directed by customer.  It is customer’s sole and exclusive responsibility to keep a copy of the original list turned over to Grassroots and to periodically download from customer’s admin panel CSV database files of all donor activity as Grassroots may, and is given by customer, exercise its right to delete campaign landing pages in the ordinary course of business to save server storage and maximize server functionality.

3.   Upon the termination of any customer relationship by either party, Grassroots may retain such reserves belonging to customer that in its estimation are necessary to pay outstanding liabilities, claims for refunds or chargebacks for a period of one year.  At any time the customer is liable to refund to Grassroots the gross amount refunded by Grassroots to a contributor or purchaser, or credit card, merchant service or financial institution, for any goods, service or charitable donation received by customer at any time that was caused to be paid from Grassroots.

4.   It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that its campaigns comply with the laws applicable to it.  Grassroots’ sole and exclusive responsibility is to have Gift Safe® landing pages and GEMS online subsystems working.  Any disclaimer desired by customer must be submitted to Grassroots and it is customer’s duty to ensure that each campaign created by Grassroots for its use is compliant with any regulations, statutes or trade practices applicable to the business or operations of customer.

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