Creating CSV Files

Grassroots Campaign Creations Ltd Has a solution for CVS files image.You’ve been working in Microsoft Excel, building a spreadsheet, and now you have to transfer that data to Grassroots.

The problem?

Grassroots doesn’t have Microsoft Excel installed for ONLINE SECURITY purposes, which means it can’t open up the spreadsheet you’ve just created in Excel.


The solution is to use a comma-separated values file (a .CSV file).

Grassroots, and most other secure servers, can read this type of file and you, personally, are able to import the information in a CSV file into virtually any spreadsheet program.

Here is what you do to convert Excel to CSV format:

  1. Open Microsoft Excel. If you don’t have Excel, use your default spreadsheet application; most are capable of saving spreadsheets in CSV format.
  2. Open the spreadsheet you want to turn into a CSV file format.
  3. Click “File,” “Save As.”
  4. Select “CSV” or “Text CSV” from the list of file format options, which may appear as a drop-down menu in the Save dialog box. Both formats mean the same thing, the one you see depends on the program you’re using.
  5. Click “Save” and your spreadsheet will be saved as a CSV file.
  6. Then, send the CSV file to us as explained in the detailed information we will send to you.

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