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Grassroots Campaign Creations, Ltd. "Get Started" Image that allows any fundraiser to instantly enter data and begin reaching toward political fundraising success.Political Action Committee Fundraising Services

Grassroots Campaign Creations, Ltd. will propel your Super PAC to ever-higher levels of fundraising and grassroots advocacy.

Grassroots offers a full range of services including custom landing pages, email marketing, fundraising with our Gift Safe® technology, messaging, social media marketing, grassroots lobbying with Faxography® and more.

Keep reading to learn how Grassroots can push the financial results of your Super PAC fundraising into the stratosphere!

But, first, let’s discuss the political action committee types available:


Super PACWhat is a Super PAC? A Super PAC is also known as an independent expenditure-only Political Action Committee.  This type of political action committee is legally allowed to raise unlimited donation amounts from individuals and corporations. A Super PAC is not allowed to contribute directly to candidate committees or political parties and must not coordinate activities with any candidate or candidate’s committee.

Grassroots Campaign Creations Ltd Helps Your Connected-PAC raise money and awareness image.Connected PAC:  A Connected Political Action Committee can raise contributions from a “restricted class” of donor. A Connected PAC is traditionally formed by a single organization, such as a business, trade group, health group or labor union. This Political Action Committee is only allowed to raise money directly from managers, shareholders and members of its restricted group.

Non-Connected PAC:  A Non-Connected Political Action Committee differs from the Super PAC definition and may be formed by political leaders, single-issue advocacy groups or an organization with a specific ideological mission. The non-connected PAC can accept contributions from a Connected Political Action Committee, as well as from individuals and organizations.

Leadership PAC:  A Leadership Political Action Committee can be established by a political party or an elected official. A Leadership PAC is considered a non-connected political action committee by the Federal Election Commission, so this type of PAC is allowed to make independent expenditures. If established by an elected official, a Leadership Political Action Committee cannot make expenditures for that official’s campaign, but is allowed to spend funds on non-campaign activities such as polling, travel and administrative staffing costs.


Image of Gift Safe® which is the Registered Trademark of Grassroots Campaign Creations Ltd and proves that all gifts made through the system are safe from donor to recipient.Gift Safe®:  Grassroots can help your political action committee fundraising using both secure Gift Safe® and Remote Gift Safe® technology.

With Gift Safe®, you have 100% assurance that contributions to your political action committee through Grassroots’ site are completely safe, accounted for and collected through advanced coding techniques.

With Remote Gift Safe®, Grassroots puts our donation pages on your site in a manner that no one knows it is really us, and not you, who has the technological know-how.  Our system to do this remotely is called PUSH PUSH as we push data to your site and your donors push data back to our servers!

Custom PUSH-PUSH Donation Pages:  Grassroots can create donation pages for your POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE with the use of our proprietary PUSH-PUSH technology. These pages are hosted on our secure servers, but appear directly on your site!  All reporting requirements are maintained within our secure system and are accessible or Federal Election Commission reporting requirements at any time.

World-Class Email Marketing:  Grassroots can create custom email campaigns for you or assist you with delivering your own campaigns. We can offer a custom landing page on your site for EVERY email campaign you send out, using our PUSH-PUSH technology, so you can track results for each campaign and over time to measure results.

GEMSystem:  Grassroots Enterprise Message System (GEMS) is built on the framework of our proprietary Faxography® system. GEMS allows you to operate grassroots advocacy campaigns to elected officials directly from the website of your political action committee through our FaxPerfect® server system. Our targeted technology allows your donors to send messages directly to elected officials via email, fax and printed letters, including specialized lists such as a single House or Senate Committee, all House Republicans, all Senate Republicans, the entire Congress or any customized combination of elected officials.

In addition, GEMS allows each user to edit the message which is sent to elected officials — a service that no other organization (that we are aware of) can offer to your political action committee!

Grassroots social media expertise on sites such as Facebook® or Twitter® will help your contact lists grow by the thousands icon image.Donor List Growth through Social Media Marketing:  Grassroots social media expertise on sites such as Facebook® or Twitter® will help your contact lists grow by the thousands!

Your political action committee is enabled to identify, reach out to, communicate with and groom new donors through our proprietary Facebook and Twitter methods including specialized apps (applications) written specifically for the political action committee community.

Grassroots Campaign Creations can also assist your political action committee through social media to help you experience major list growth in a short period of time using social media tools.

Grassroots offers a wide range of social media online services to aid your political action committee in capturing a large following including:

  • Social media page creation and maintenance
  • Custom Apps that will make your target audience swoon
  • Like and Friend campaigns at the lowest prices possible, to grow your donor list
  • Monthly, Weekly, Daily or Hourly posting to drive traffic to your site
  • Custom articles dedicated to growing your social media audience

MESSAGING:  “Grassroots campaigning” is a type of messaging in which a political action committee encourages its followers to take an action, such as sending an individual message to each member of Congress.  We offer grassroots campaigning through our GEMS system.  Grassroots Campaign Creations can design and create an entire campaign — including custom email messages and landing pages — from the ground up for your POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE.

Grassroots helps your political action committee get its message out for fundraising purposes. We offer custom messaging to raise funds for the candidate of your choice or AGAINST the candidate you oppose. Our team has decades of experience in the political realm that can help your political action committee soar.

Grassroots Campaign Creations, Ltd. provides all of the necessary data for your Political Action Committee to complete its required Federal Election Commission reporting image.FEC REPORTING:  Grassroots Campaign Creations, Ltd. provides all of the necessary data for your Political Action Committee to complete its required Federal Election Commission reporting.

If your specific political action committee is subject to special reporting requirements, our secure systems can help compile all of the data you need.

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