Political Fundraising

Online Political Candidate Fundraising

Political fundraising is never easy. It takes a lot of work!

But, with Grassroots’ proven systems, candidates can raise money online fast and effectively.

By using Grassroots’ systems to raise money, a candidate can:

Create multiple online fundraising campaigns, each with a unique landing page
Share your cause with our free web and social marketing tools
Raise money online via your website, Facebook page and more
Manage multiple fundraisers, donations and donors

ALL GOING TO YOUR OWN WEBSITE.  Thus, your donors will not have transfer shock after being moved from your site to some donation portal like Pyrix.

With our PUSH PUSH technology being 100% transparent, your donors will never know it is Grassroots doing the heavy lifting.

There are NO initial set-up, monthly, or annual fees, and there is NO commitment or merchant account required. Grassroots only charges a small transaction fee to cover donation processing plus the published cost for our services that you request.  You can read all about our very reasonable costs on our “Prices” page.

How to Make Money Online – Political Fundraising:

So you want to change things. You see the problems, you think you know how to fix them, and you believe the people will support your efforts. You feel that if you could just get your message out there, a true grassroots movement would form behind you. Great. But before you can get to the business of political change, a fundamental element of campaigning must be addressed. And that is, without the proper funding, even the most honorable ambitions will fall flat.

When it comes to campaign contributions, the biggest hurdle to overcome is often the nature of the process itself. Many view soliciting political contributions as a seedy endeavor, somehow beneath them and their lofty goals. But this is not the case. Political fundraising is no different than funding any other venture. Any business starting from scratch first needs to appropriate the necessary funds to work with. This means convincing investors that the project is a worthy one. If people believe enough to invest, then the business—or the campaign—has a shot. It is the same across the board, and political fundraising is no exception.

Once you have assembled a team, make sure everyone involved—from the manager in charge of finances to the very last volunteer—understands the fundraising strategy and just how vital it is to the success of the campaign. Everyone should be part of the fundraising process, but in the end, it is the candidate himself who should do most of the heavy lifting. Big donors, whose contributions account for the bulk of campaign financing, will want to talk to the person who their money will go toward electing. Candidates must be ready to make themselves available to possible donors, and willing to ask for financing directly.

This highlights a common mistake among campaigns. Many are under the erroneous assumption that once the message has reached the people, the financing will magically begin pouring into their coffers. Not so. The simple truth is that even when people believe in your cause and are willing to support you in spirit, they usually have to be asked if you want them to dig into their pockets. And further, when they are asked, they rarely give beyond what is requested. For this reason, fundraisers should always ask for more than they think they will get. This way, even if the donor agrees to less, the amount given might be what you were really hoping for in the first place. And who knows, sometimes you will get lucky.

When starting from scratch, a basic step is to figure out where to begin. With political fundraising, the answer is as clear as the name on the campaign sign—the candidate. Random donor calls are hit-and-miss at best. Networking is the way to go. Begin your quest for funding within the candidate’s own circle. These people, who know the candidate and are far more likely to donate, can then encourage those within their own circles to give. And so on. What you have built then is an outward-stretching network of supporters with a passionate core group at the center. As with any structure, a strong foundation is essential. Use our Contact Us form to get in touch with Grassroots and learn how to raise money on your political fundraising journey.

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