PUSH PUSH Technology

SUMMARY:    Patent-pending mashups technology delivers fundraising and topical campaigns directly to YOUR website, not some unknown site.

Your donors will NEVER know!

Image of Grassroots Campaign Creations Ltd Helps deliver fundraising and campaigns directly to your website


· Simple-to-follow landing page templates minimize time on creative content.

· 800-number provided for all donor inquiries so you & your staff spend your time campaigning.

· Service charges that are among the lowest in the industry.

· Reasonably-priced creative services on request, including campaign and landing page creation, research, international press releases, news item placement in top websites.

· Email list building & management.

· Database management to ensure timely FEC reports & donation maximization through segmentation of your lists.

· Newsletter creation & distribution

· Google-type PPC & Facebook Ads, plus all campaigns now optimized for mobile device delivery!

Example:  You – a candidate for public office – are new to politics. But, like all candidates for public office, you have significant need for campaign funds to pay for staff, rent, TV & Radio Ads, newsprint spreads and campaigning materials.

So, where do you go for help to raise your funding?

The vast majority of internet campaign service providers available to such candidates will offer the candidate a dedicated landing page on THEIR site – not the site of the candidate.

How does this impact your fundraising efforts?

Imagine this:  Under our competitions’ typical system, your first-time donors receive an email solicitation from you, or, see a “DONATE NOW” link on your website.  In both instances the links take your donor to the website of the internet campaign service provider and away from your site!  So, while your donors start out with the idea that they are going to support YOU, they end up at some distant site named unrelated to YOU.  Imagine their possible shock.

SOLUTION:  Grassroots Campaign Creations invented PUSH PUSH technology to solve this issue.  With PUSH PUSH, your donors stay on your website, donations are made on your website and your donors will NEVER know that transactions was actually completed using Grassroots’ servers!

Here are the benefits of PUSH PUSH:

  • Economical – PUSH PUSH costs minimally more than less effective third-party hosted donation pages;
  • Great conversions:  PUSH PUSH pages – since they are located on YOUR site convert more donations;
  • Rapid Deployment:  With PUSH PUSH pages, you can get your own donation portal, on your own site, established in minutes – not hours or days.
  • Rapid Changes:  PUSH PUSH allows you to change the content and scope – even the type (from, for example, a donation page to a FaxGram page) in just minutes.
  • Whether you a Super PAC, a candidate, a Christian church or another charitable cause, of if you operate multiple Super PACs, Grassroots’ PUSH PUSH can help!

Here is a description of exactly what PUSH PUSH accomplishes:  a proprietary system whereby a local server (A) that is connected to the worldwide web (B), or to a local area network (C), can transmit variable signals to remote servers (D) and thence to a desktop, laptop, mobile or other system (E), or to both (D) and/or (E), which, in turn, can act upon such signals and reply to the local server (A) directly or via the remote server (B), all for the purpose of having the local server (A) transmit the signals to (B), (C) and/or (F) or transmitting such content to various landline telephone systems (G), or both (B), (C), (F) and/or (G) in either digital or analog formats, or both, as may be programmed into PUSH PUSH.

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