Services & Prices Charged

A Fair & Equitable Pricing Structure

We are dedicated to assisting our clients to fulfill three primary objectives:

Raising Funds: Fundraising using unique Gift Safe® and Remote Gift Safe® internet portals at industry-low rates with world-class performance including free 800 services for all donor inquiries.

Communications: Broadcasting highly-efficient and persuasive FaxGram communications directed at elected and appointed officials with the objective of changing decisional outcomes, otherwise known as “grassroots lobbying.” Through the use of Grassroots’ innovative Remote Faxography® and Gift Safe® systems, even the smallest organization can develop dynamic impact.  Issues that Grassroots has tackled include state, federal and local elections and legislation, community advocacy, opinion crafting, and interruption of regulatory overzealousness. There is no campaign for which Grassroots cannot provide a dynamic, powerful and economical online solution.

Donor-Sponsored Campaigns:  Using our patent-pending Grassroots Enterprise Message System (GEMS), organizations including Super PACs that wish to sponsor directed public relations campaigns can do so in seamless fashion so that the donors are not required to pay for the transaction itself but may donate at its conclusion.  GEMS provides variable font arrays for the letterhead section, the body section and the signature line of the message – which can be fully edited, as well – so that each communication sent has the potential to be 100% unique and which provides an impressive, business-letter like composed message.

The charges made by Grassroots Campaign include:

Faxography®: Initiate a FaxGram Campaign in minutes to state, local or federal officials through the high-capacity server system of Grassroots utilizing hand-designed SSL-encrypted Landing Pages.

Remote Faxography®: Initiate a FaxGram Campaign in minutes to state, local or federal officials seamlessly with an encrypted Landing Page on your website using our high-capacity servers.

Gift Safe®: We provide unique, hand-crafted donation templates on your site with maximum ROI.

Remote Gift Safe®: Allows you to initiate donation campaigns in minutes seamlessly through your website using our SSL-encrypted merchant banking facilities. You will look like an online marketing pro with the lowest possible overhead and complete recordkeeping provided for you.

FaxGram Tariff: Inside the “Beltway” costs charged by Grassroots are the lowest in the industry! FaxGram campaigns costs include per month: Up to 100K @ $0.10; 200K @ $0.09; 300K @ $0.08; 400K @ $0.07; 499K @ $0.06; 500K to 1 million @ $0.05; Over 1 million @ $0.045 with each FaxGram individually addressed from each sender to each recipient. Data is available in real time. FaxGram campaigns targeting other locales may incur long-distance charges. Please inquire using our Contact Us page or by calling us at 800-362-2723.

Gift Safe® Tariff: Grassroots charges 7.26% for merchant services including accounting, banking, 800-support for customer inquiries and FEC compliant reports and credit card charges. Wires are charged at our cost and ACH payments are sent free. Chargebacks caused by customer action will be deducted from sponsor’s account.  See our Donors’ Bill of Rights which binds both customer and donor.

Campaign Creative: Set-up using your persuasive documentation is $500 and using ours is $1,500 including email services to customers’ lists. Images will be charged separately at cost + 15%.

Advertising Online: Grassroots will create and place your online advertising on select conservative websites and major search engines. We have a full audio-visual team ready to provide graphics, video (including dynamic Flash movies) and text ads. We have worked with Google, Yahoo and MSN since 1997 to place ads and, as well, most of the top conservative websites such as WND, Drudge Report, News Max, Red State, etc. We charge a separately-negotiated fee for creative and pass through a 15% agency fee on gross billings paid out.

Billing:  Billing for services rendered are sent twice monthly. Unless a dispute is raised within 90 days thereof, such billing is deemed accepted.

Admin Panel: Each client has their own admin panel to keep real time track of all transactions, costs, donations and the progress of their campaign. All data is downloadable in CSV so you can easily complete various compliance filings. Your admin panel is provided without charge.  Some charges may be delayed, such as long-distance phone charges, due to delay’s caused by outside vendor’s billing schedules.

Terms of Service: For information regarding Grassroots’ operating, please see our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy which are applicable pursuant to the terms thereof.

Fees for Legal/Subpoena Compliance:   Payment must be made to Grassroots by the person or entity submitting the subpoena or legal demand, for costs associated with subpoena and/or legal compliance prior to the delivery of the subpoenaed/demanded information.  Grassroots’ subpoena/request compliance costs are as follows:

  • Research – $200.00 per hour (minimum 2.5 hours)
  • Federal Express Charges ($30.00 upfront with any excess billed and paid prior to delivery)
  • Copies $0.75 per page (physical and/or electronic)
  • Compact Disc – $100.00
  • Bank Wire Transfer Fees – Call 800-362-2723 for details
  • Any applicable taxes are due in addition to the above amounts
  • For credit card processing please use the “Lock” icon above to be sent to an SSL secure payment page.

If you wish to pay by check, please make out as follows:

Grassroots Campaign Creations, Ltd.
3773 Howard Hughes Parkway
Suite 500 South
Las Vegas, Nevada 89169

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