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New Campaign Template


1. Using Internet Explorer (or other browser), with cursor resting HERE ¦¦ Right Click and choose "Select All" then Right Click again and choose "Copy". Then open MS Word and paste page and your copied text into a new Word file to edit your campaign. Place your text, images, links, etc. in the cell to the right of the arrow → in the appropriate cell.

2. You can also save this template form to your hard drive for future use. Using Internet Explorer (or other browser), click on File, then Save As. Navigate to where the file is to be saved. The "Save as type:" should be "Webpage, complete". For future use, just open MS Word, select Open, navigate to where you saved this template. You will need to ensure that the "File Type" is "All Files" in order to see this file, then simply open and treat it as a MS Word file; except that handling of your campaign will be greatly
facilitated if you save as your resulting creative content as an HTML file.

3. You can delete this INSTRUCTIONS cell after pasting in MS Word as follows: Right Click and choose "Delete Row", then save the result with a new file name.

4. Please save the final creative content in this format: [client_name]_date_name_of_campaign. Here is an example:


5. All creative data must be submitted prior to 1800 M-F for same-day publication. If submitted between 1700 and 1800, a telephone advisory to 949-510-1100 is appreciated.  If you prefer to not use this form, GCC reserves the right to charge additional sums at the rate of $100 per hour for creating the necessary required creative content or data.

6. Send all suggestions for improvement and/or correction to us by email.

Type of Campaign:   _____ FaxGram    _____ Donation     _____ Email Only     _____ Newsletter

1. Enter Title of Campaign:
2. Enter Email Subject Line:
3. Enter Email Body (limit to 450-550 words – only one subject with four hard asks)
4. Paste in any image(s) to be used in Email or HTML link where it can be found.
5. Enter Landing Page Body (limit 450-550 words – mimic but rephrase Email):
6. Paste in image to be used in Landing Page or HTML link where it can be found:
7. Enter Campaign Summary Description (100 words or less with no "and" or commas permitted) :
8. Enter up to 5 keywords or phrases:
9. Enter Landing Page Title (25 words or less):
10. Sub-Headline to place above the Landing Page Body (25 words or less):
11. Thank You Page Message (250 words or less)
12. Thank You Email Message (250 words or less) (Note: include in the body “and your [tax deductible] donation in the amount of ${amount}” at a place of your choosing):
13. FaxGram Content (400 words or less):
14. FaxGram Targets (i.e., GOP House Members, Judiciary Committee, etc.):
15. CSV List of Targets (if not to full House or Senate) including first name, last name, address, city, state, zip, title, party, title, and branch name. Grassroots will compile this information for you at a separate cost.
16. Costing points (for example, $5, $10, $25, etc):
17. For split sends, definition of splits (for example HI LO, etc) with a definition of what the amount or function (e.g., ZIP codes) is:
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